Please contact us prior to having anything sent to us.

As you may or not know the State of California has some of the most strict laws and regulations placed on our 2nd amendment. 

We make every effort to assist our customers in legally acquiring firearms and ammunition they need and want.

We are listed with many online ammunition venders and online gun stores. Contacting us gives us the opportunity to match or beat competitor prices. You may end up saving yourself money once you include transfer fee’s and shipping. If we can’t beat or match someones price you’ll know up front.

  • Firearms transfers- $50 per gun+Tax and DROS

  • Ammunition transfers-$10 per 1K(1-1000 rounds), and $10 each additional 1K(1001-2000 rounds) +Tax and Ammunition DROS

  • Private party transfers $10 per firearm plus $25 DROS

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